Global Society for Human Development

The "Global Society for Human Development" is a trust setup with the aim of reviving respect for the bounty of nature, humanity's cultural & moral heritage, self-elevation through honesty & hard work, harmonious living, economic independence, dignity of labour and respect for the environment.

Registered in 2001, the society has worked tirelessly towards empowering students of the Gita Devi Memorial School with meaningful education, as well as bringing together fruit growing farmers of 9 villages in the surrounding hills of Uttarakhand, helping them financially and with the know-how in planting fruit saplings.

GSFHD welcomes donations to further the above causes. Please contact us to collaborate, participate or make a donation.

Gita Devi Memorial School

A charitable school for the children who otherwise grow up breaking mine stones. Instead of pencils and toys, these children have hammers in their hands and work as child labourers. To educate these children Gita Devi Memorial School has been opened by the Global...

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A large part of humanity has always endeavored to active a better material and value adds life -style in a happy, open and peaceful environment.Over the ages, the world has progresses materially, but at what stupendous cost to natural human values, peace, social...


A visionary, utterly obsessive and highly zealous person with education as her passion of life and an unrelenting mission of revolutionizing its system prevalent in the country, Mrs. Bhatti made a humble beginning in the field 30 years ago after completing...


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Our fun filled trip to...

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